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Francesca, Owner & Creator of Sweetgrass Soap
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To create a safe alternative to skin care using natural elements inspired by Indigenous culture.

About Me


My name is Francesca and I am the Owner and Creator of Sweetgrass Soap based in Langley, British Columbia. I am a proud Indigenous entrepreneur with Ojibwe roots from Lac Seul First Nation in Northwestern Ontario. I spent my childhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba raised by a single mother who was a product of the 60s Scoop, and an endless source of encouragement and support. After receiving my Business Administration diploma, I made the decision to move west, and the Vancouver area has been my home ever since.

My soap making journey began shortly after my son was born. He developed eczema and like most mothers I tried every skin care brand on the market only to find that everything I tried made his eczema worse. After some research I learned that big brand soap products are mild detergents with added sulphates to increase foam that penetrates the skin causing flare ups, and it was then I decided to seek out alternative skin care options. I learned about cold process soap making and decided to give it try. After formulating my first batch, I absolutely fell in love with soaping! I was then inspired to learn more about skin care formulating and went on to create body butters, facial cleansers, face cream, sugar scrubs and more.

Sweetgrass Soap launched in the summer of 2021 and has grown faster than I ever anticipated, so fast that my products are now available at various boutiques and gift shops across Canada! I am beyond grateful for all the support and love and thank you for continuing to support Sweetgrass Soap.

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Brand Values & Commitments

At Sweetgrass Soap, our commitment goes beyond crafting exceptional skincare products; it's about honoring our roots and the values that shape our brand. Our journey is guided by principles deeply rooted in Indigenous wisdom and a genuine passion for healthier, happier skin. Here are the values and commitments that drive us:

Modern Approach with

Indigenous Traditions

  • Our Indigenous Roots: We take pride in our Indigenous heritage, drawing inspiration from our traditions, while being a modern Urban Indigenous entrepreneur
  • Innovative Formulation: We blend ancient wisdom with modern skincare science to create products that are both time-honoured and cutting-edge.
Skin Health and


  • Skin First: Your skin's health is our priority. We create products that promote radiant, healthy skin while avoiding harsh chemicals.
  • Nature's Bounty: We believe in the power of nature. Our products are crafted using natural ingredients sourced responsibly and sustainably.
Customer First


  • Your Voice Matters: We value your feedback and strive to create products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
  • Exceptional Service: Our customer service is as exceptional as our products. We're here to assist and ensure your Sweetgrass Soap experience is outstanding.

Thank you for choosing Sweetgrass Soap. By supporting us, you're not only caring for your skin but also contributing to a brand deeply committed to positive change, sustainability, and the celebration of Indigenous heritage.

Feel the difference. Experience the heritage. Sweetgrass Soap—where nature, tradition, and skincare unite.

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